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Hometown Custom Builder provides professional renovation and construction services to Lucknow, ON.

Hometown Custom Builders​ - Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations in Lucknow, ON


Whether you are looking for a complete top-to-bottom home renovation, or a smaller-scale overhaul on a bathroom or kitchen, Hometown Custom Builders is the best construction contractor available in Lucknow, ON. 

We offer years of experience in the trades, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide impeccable renovation quality, project dependability and professional renovation services.

Don't wait to renovate. Get in touch now to discuss your next project.


Hometown Custom Builders can transform your outdated kitchen into a fresh new dream kitchen that will stand the test of time.

We are experts in kitchen layout and space maximization, and we can arrange every inch of space to offer the utmost efficiency.

From classic kitchen designs to sleek modern and contemporary kitchen styles, we have the renovation skill needed and access to the newest lines in kitchen cabinetry. 

Hometown Custom Builders can make your kitchen renovation as unique as you.

Hometown Custom Builders​ - Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations in Lucknow, ON
Hometown Custom Builders​ - Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations in Lucknow, ON


Do you dream of coming home from a hard day’s work and taking a long, luxurious bath in a beautiful new bathtub? Our vast experience in bathroom renovation allows us to offer the best renovation services to our clients. 

Whether you want to just update your faucets and fixtures, or design a whole new bathroom experience, Hometown Custom Builders can help you.

Hometown Custom Builders are specialized in bathroom renovations, and we are passionate about offering the most creative, luxurious and incredible bathroom renovations.

General Renovations

Our experienced team of renovation workers provide top quality renovation services, and skillfully manage every construction job from start to finish. Whether it is a kitchen renovation, a bathroom renovation, a basement renovation or a deck outside your home, Hometown Custom Builders has you covered with a team of experienced professionals. If you are planning a renovation and want it done right the very first time, trust experience and give us a call at 

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